EPE2022 "GaNius" Status Meeting

The DFG Priority Program SPP 2312 GaNius, launched in October 2021, targets the emerging field of Group III nitride-based power electronics.

The core objective is to promote interdisciplinary and collaborative research by 11 research projects and 20 working groups on novel devices, circuits and components for highly efficient power electronic systems.

The EPE2022 “GaNius” status meeting will include three sessions on “Materials, Technology and Devices”, “Device Models and Control” and “Bidirectional Devices and Topologies” to present the work progress of each research project.  The presentations and discussions are open to “GaNius” members and EPE participants from the power electronics community.




Friday, 9 September 2022 ( Timeframe to be announced )

Leibniz University Hannover ( Precise location to be announced )
Welfengarten 1, 30167 Hannover

EPE participants who are no GaNius-members and who will want to have lunch, will have to order this seperately through the “Additional Orders”-function in the registration system. (And the “additional orders”-function is not available yet).

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