Booth 16 | Baker Hughes

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Booth 34 | BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH

BLOCK is a leading manufacturer of transformers, power supplies, electronic circuit breakers, reactors, and EMI filters, with 800 employees and 38 sites worldwide. Offering over 2,500 standard products as well as a wide range of customized products, our perfect voltage solutions ensure maximum power supply quality in a large number of industrial applications. All BLOCK products are developed and produced in-house, from the research and development phase to production and quality assurance, right through to certification.
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Booth 64 | Cariad SE

CARIAD is an independent automotive software company in the Volkswagen Group, consolidating and further expanding the Group’s software competencies to transform automotive mobility. It´s developing the leading tech stack for the automotive industry with mission to make the automotive experience safer, more sustainable and more comfortable. Around 5,000 engineers and developers are now working on building a uniform software platform for all brands of Volkswagen Group, which includes a unified and scalable architecture, an operating system and automotive cloud. Further, CARIAD is working on outstanding digital automotive features like ADAS systems, a standardized infotainment platform, software functions for linking powertrains, chassis and charging technology, new ecosystems and digital business models in and around the vehicle. CARIAD operates in software competence centers throughout Germany, and works closely with the Volkswagen Group’s international development teams in the US and China.
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Booth 40 | chesco Center for Hybrid Electric Systems Cottbus

With chesco a globally unique center for research into hybrid-electric and electric drives is to be established at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. Core research fields are hybrid-electric and electric systems for aviation, rail, road and off-road. chesco intends to find solutions for climate-friendly and climate-neutral mobility applications. Therefore chesco will be built as a manufacturing center for innovative production technologies, including the complete digitalization of all development, production, operation and maintenance processes as well as a test center with state-of-the-art facilities for testing the developed novel systems and prototypes.
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Booth 59 | dSPACE

dSPACE is a leading provider of simulation and validation solutions worldwide for developing connected, autonomous, and electrically powered vehicles. With a comprehensive portfolio and cutting-edge technology for rapid control prototyping (RCP), hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and Power HIL testing, dSPACE is in high demand as a development partner in the automotive industry, aerospace, industrial automation, and for modern power grids. In the areas of power electronics and electric drives, dSPACE provides state-of-the-art FPGA technology as well as preconfigured simulation models, including the dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) based on Simulink®, and FPGA modeling toolkits based on Xilinx® System Generator (XSG). Generic approaches using topology-based implementations are also available (dSPACE Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package), as well as electronic load modules for testing power electronics systems at full power.
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Booth 03 | EA Elektro-Automatik GmbH & Co. KG

The EA Elektro-Automatik Group (EA) is Europe’s leading supplier of power electronics for R & D and industrial applications. At the German headquarter in Viersen, North Rhine Westphalia, more than 250 qualified associates research, develop and produce high-tech equipment for laboratory power supplies, high power mains adaptors and electronic loads, with and without mains feedback. Specific to power electronics, made by EA, is the wide application spectrum. The units are used across many branches, from batteries, through fuel cell technology, to wind and solar power, from electrochemicals and process technology to telecommunication.
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Booth 01 | ECPE European Center for Power Electronics e.V.

ECPE European Center for Power Electronics is an industry-driven research network in the field of Power Electronics. In the meantime, the network comprises about 100 Member Companies. Furthermore, over 100 European universities and research institutes are integrated in the network as so-called Competence Centres. The focus of ECPE activities is on pre-competitive research, education and advanced training as well as public relations for power electronics in Europe.
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We are a young, forward thinking Austrian company with deep roots & a strong history in innovating power electronics.  We are the world leader in real time emulation and test systems, combining several years of knowledge and experience with a creative out of the box mindset.
We emulate with real power. Grids, batteries, motors, generators & machines to name a few. Research? Testing & certification? Repairs? Prototype development? The opportunities are many. Imagination is the limit.
Our programmable amplifiers and P-HIL setups can operate in several AC / DC & HIL-based modes all in one unit! Current-control, voltage-control and mixed-mode capability with up to 15kHz bandwidth. From 100kVA to megawatt level. Made and produced in Austria.
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Booth 10 | EPE’23 ECCE Europe – Aalborg, Denmark

EPE-ECCE Europe 2023 will be held in Aalborg, the capital city of Denmark’s North Jutland region. This area is very active in power electronics, with a large number of medium and large companies such as Grundfos and Vestas, and Aalborg University, which traditionally offers high-quality education and research standards. Aalborg city has an international airport with among other flights, +20 connections every day to and from the two main hubs of Copenhagen and Amsterdam.
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Booth 09 | Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES

Fraunhofer IWES secures investments in technological developments through validation, shortens innovation cycles, accelerates certification procedures, and increases planning accuracy by means of innovative measurement methods in the wind and hydrogen technology sectors. At present, there are more than 300 scientists and employees as well as around 150 students employed at the eight sites: Bochum, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Görlitz, Hamburg, Hanover, Leuna and Oldenburg.
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Booth 15 | HBK

HBK (Hottinger, Brüel & Kjær) provides scalable electrification test and validation solutions that empower engineers to accurately measure electric/mechanical power in motors and inverters and characterize motor controls. This allows them to cut time-to-market and drive innovation. HBK offers technology for sensing, data acquisition, data analytics and simulation to cover all aspects of product design, development and deployment. Key applications include electric power train performance calibration, durability testing, and electromechanical analysis. 
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Booth 04 | HIOKI EUROPE GmbH

Founded in Japan in 1935 HIOKI has since become the market leader for current sensors. The company develops leading-edge technology with maximum precision for power analysis and battery testing solutions. Today, HIOKI has around 1,000 employees worldwide and offers more than 200 main products.

HIOKI is the only test and measurement manufacturer who offers both high-end power analysers and also ring-type transducers and current clamps and current sensors from its own development and production. This combination of measurement technology and sensor technology from one development source represents HIOKI’s particular strength: The perfect coordination of both technologies enables to achieve exceptionally high measurement accuracies.


HIOKI’s portfolio further includes Impedance Analysers, LCR meters, Data Loggers / Recorders, Battery Testers, High voltage Test Equipment, Precision Resistance Meters, Insulation Testers, Power Quality Analyzers, Digital Multimeters and more.

European subsidiary

In 2017 HIOKI has set foot in Europe. HIOKI EUROPE GmbH guarantees prompt deliveries, immediate technical support and a high level of service quality. Together with highly trained and experienced partners, customers all over Europe have access to premium technology with premium service.

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Booth 11 |IEEE Power Electronics Society

The Power Electronics Society (PELS) is one of the fastest-growing technical societies of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).  For over 35 years, the PELS has facilitated and guided the development and innovation in power electronics technology.  This technology encompasses the effective use of electronic components, the application of circuit theory and design techniques, and the development of analytical tools for efficient conversion, control, and condition of electric power.  Some of our members include distinguished award winners, practitioners, and preeminent researchers.  The PELS also publishes the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (TPEL), a top referenced journal among all IEEE publications.  The PELS is dedicated to:

  • Upholding the vital scientific and educational aspects of power electronics and their applications.
  • Keeping its members around the globe up to date on state-of-the-art technological developments and advances in power electronics research.

In striving to build knowledge and awareness of the latest technologies and other advances in power electronics, the PELS’s goal is to keep its members current and competitive in the workplace and provide them with the tools necessary to help them grow both personally and professionally.  We invite you to join us and benefit from a world of invaluable information and support.
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Booth 05 | IET

We are the IET and we inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community to engineer a better world. As a diverse home across engineering and technology, we share knowledge that helps make better sense of the world in order to solve the challenges that matter. It’s why we are uniquely placed to champion engineering.
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Booth 50 | IMPERIX

Imperix is a Swiss company developing high-end control equipment and prototyping hardware for power electronics, drives, smart grids and related topics. Its products are designed to enable cutting-edge innovation in corporate and academic environments. They are especially valued for their ability to accelerate the implementation of laboratory-scale power converters and facilitate the derivation of high quality experimental results.
The company also offers various levels of integration services, intended to assist its customers in their prototyping activities. As such, its offering ranges from the delivery of plug-and-play hardware and software, to that of fully customized systems involving specialized control software algorithms.
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Booth 62 | Infineon

Company profile: Infineon Technologies AG

  • Founded:  1999
  • Employees: 46,700 employees worldwide (as of 30 September 2020)
  • Revenues: €8,567 million revenue in the 2020 fiscal year
  • Presence: 54 research and development locations and 20 manufacturing locations worldwide

About Infineon:
Here at Infineon, we combine entrepreneurial success with responsible action to make life easier, safer and greener. Barely visible, semiconductors have become an indispensable part of everyday life. Ranked one of the global top 10 semiconductor companies, we play a key role in shaping a better future – with microelectronics that link the real and the digital world. Our semiconductors enable efficient energy management, smart mobility, as well as secure, seamless communications in an increasingly connected world.
Infineon designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of semiconductors and system solutions. The focus of its activities is on automotive and industrial electronics, communication and information technologies, IoT, sensor technology and security. The product range comprises standard components, software, customer-specific solutions for devices and systems, as well as specific components for digital, analogue, and mixed-signal applications.

Product range:

  • Automotive: 32-bit automotive microcontrollers for powertrain, safety and driver assistance systems; 3D ToF sensors; discrete power semiconductors; IGBT modules; magnetic and pressure sensors; memories (NOR Flash, SRAM, nvSRAM, F-RAM); power ICs; radar sensor ICs (77 GHz); SiC diodes, SiC MOSFETs and SiC modules; transceivers (CAN, CAN FD, LIN, Ethernet, FlexRay™); voltage regulators
  • Industrial Power Control: bare die business; discrete IGBTs; driver ICs; IGBT modules (low-power, medium-power, high-power); IGBT module solutions including IGBT stacks; intelligent IGBT modules with integrated control unit, driver and switch; SiC diodes, SiC MOSFETs, SiC modules
  • Power & Sensor Systems: 3D ToF sensors; chips for gas sensors; chips for MEMS microphones; chips for pressure sensors; control ICs for power switches; customized chips (ASICs); discrete low-voltage, mid-voltage and high-voltage power MOSFETs (Si-based); GaN power switches; GPS low-noise amplifier; low-voltage and high-voltage driver ICs; radar sensor ICs (24 GHz, 60 GHz); RF antenna switches; RF power transistors; SiC diodes, SiC MOSFETs; TVS (transient voltage suppressor) diode; USB controller
  • Connected Secure Systems: connectivity solutions (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE); embedded security controllers; microcontroller for consumer electronics and industrial applications; security controllers (contact-based, contactless, dual-interface)

Infineon Technologies AG
Am Campeon 1-15
85579 Neubiberg (near Munich), Germany Tel: +49 89 234-0
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Booth 42 | KEB Automation KG

As a supplier of drive technology, KEB Automation stands for custom-fit automation. E-mobility, plastics machinery, wood processing, process technology, intralogistics or wind energy are some of the application fields in which KEB products and solutions are in demand. Whether hardware solutions in combination with software functionalities for Control & Automation, Drive Controllers, powerful Motors and Gears, high-quality Brakes and Clutches or IIoT applications: KEB offers complete solutions, customised to individual needs. 
Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Barntrup (Germany), the company employs more than 1,500 people and is owner-run in the second generation.
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Booth 49 | Lenze SE

As a global specialist in machine automation, Lenze supports its customers in all phases of the engineering process. Our integrated and scalable hardware and software portfolio covers control, field level and electromechanics and ensures standardized data communication up to the cloud. Tools and digital services enable data analysis up to new digital business models.
Our intelligent automation solutions address the key future issues of sustainability and digitalization. They are perfect for machine builders who need to bring highly flexible, networked and energy-efficient machines with digital services to market quickly.
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Booth 38 | Mathworks

The MATLAB and Simulink product families are fundamental applied math and computational tools adopted by more than 6,500 universities and colleges. MathWorks products help prepare students for careers in industry, where the tools are widely used for data analysis, mathematical modeling, and algorithm development in collaborative research and new product development.
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Booth 31 | Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.

Mitsubishi Electric is a leading manufacturer of power semiconductors. 
Our power modules are crucial components in the generation, transmission and saving of electric energy. We offer a wide range of products, which covers a broad spectrum of application fields, including power transmission and distribution, railway, renewable energy, motor control, automotive, uninterruptible power supplies, medical technology, elevators, welding engineering, home appliances and pumps.
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Booth 43 | Muecap Bauelemente GmbH

MUECAP is a german (Munich-based) distributor, specialized on passive components for power electronics coming from France and Italy. We can offer an application-orientated design-in service. A major focus is on railway applications where we can follow the specific requirements, either with standard or with custom adapted parts. Main products are capacitors, resistors and Bus Bars.
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Booth 45-46 | Nexperia

Nexperia is a global semiconductors innovator, creating and improving the essential components that are used to complete every modern electronic design. From smartphones to laptops, electric vehicles to consumer electronics and beyond, our work helps the world work better. As a leading semiconductors company, Nexperia has a solid foundation for a future of tremendous growth and constant innovation. Ours is a continuing journey of discovery, shared by more than 14,000 talented individuals who form the unique TeamNexperia.
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Booth 12 | OMICRON Lab

OMICRON Lab is a division of OMICRON electronics, specialized in providing Smart Measurement Solutions to professionals such as scientists, engineers and teachers engaged in the field of electronics. It simplifies measurement tasks and provides its customers with more time to focus on their real business. OMICRON Lab was established in 2006 and is meanwhile serving customers in more than 50 countries..
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Booth 51 | Opal-RT Germany

OPAL-RT is a world leader in real-time simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing equipment for electrical applications. Since 1997, OPAL-RT has empowered engineers and researchers with accessible, cutting-edge, and customized real-time simulation technology to accelerate the development of better products and more reliable energy transmission.
Real-time simulation processes let engineers quickly test and validate their control strategies in order to decrease development costs and time to market.
By combining precise expertise, experience and mathematical innovation, OPAL-RT has succeeded in creating the market’s fastest computing level for HIL simulation on FPGA for power electronics applications achieving time-steps in the nanosecond speed range. Fast real-time simulation achieves more accurate results and increases HIL and RCP test coverage, and pushes back the boundaries of what is achievable with Power-HIL applications.
OPAL-RT platforms cover a wide range of applications, from renewable energy conversion to highly complex multi-modular converters (MMC) and the electric motors of tomorrow’s transportation industry.
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Booth 61 | PCIM Europe

PCIM Europe is the international leading exhibition and conference for power electronics and its fields of application. Industry experts amongst others from industrial and automotive electronics, focus on this specialist field. The exhibition covers the entire supply chain: from the component up to drive electronics, packaging and the final intelli­gent system.
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Booth 60 | PLEXIM

Plexim, with locations in Zurich and Boston, is an innovative software company active in the field of technical simulation. For 20 years we have successfully developed and marketed PLECS – the leading simulation software for power electronic systems and electrical drives. In addition, we offer automatic code generation and real-time systems as pioneering technologies for the development and test of controls.
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Booth 35 | ROHM Semiconductor

ROHM Semiconductor is a global company of 452.1 billion Yen (3.3 billion Euros) per March 31st, 2022 with over 23,000 employees. The company with Headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, develops and manufactures a very large product range from SiC Diodes and MOSFETs, Analog ICs such as Gate Drivers and Power Management ICs to Power Transistors and Diodes to Passive Components.
As technology driver, ROHM Semiconductor has pioneered in the development of Silicon Carbide (SiC). The company produces SiC components in-house in a vertically integrated manufacturing system and thus delivers high quality products and achieves a constant market supply.
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Booth 36 | Shenzhen BASiC Semiconductor Co. Ltd. 

Shenzhen BASiC Semiconductor LTD., the leading enterprise of Wide -band Gap semiconductor industry in China, is dedicated to the R&D and industrialization of SiC power devices. It has set up R&D centers in Shenzhen, Beijing, Nanjing, Wuxi and Nagoya Japan.
BASiC master the state-of-the-art core technology of SiC. The R&D fields cover the whole industrial chain of SiC power devices, such as epitaxial preparation, chip design, packaging and driver circuit application etc. Successively launched series of products such as full-current and full voltage range SiC schottky diode, 1200V SiC MOSFET which has passed the reliability test of industrial level and automotive Full-SiC power modules etc. The products are widely used in renewable energy, electric vehicle, railway tractions, smart grids, industrial drives and other fields.
BASiC, one of the initiators of National Innovation Center for Advanced Radio Frequency Devices, has been approved as CAST cross-sector partnership between industry and academia integrated technology innovation service system of Wide-band Gap semiconductor synergetic innovation center, and jointly established the material and devices R&D center of Wide-band Gap Semiconductors with Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen. BASiC was also awarded with the honor of China IC outstanding technology innovation product, and won the first prize in China innovation and entrepreneurship competition.
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Booth 30 | SMA Solar Technology AG

As a leading global specialist in photovoltaic system technology, SMA is setting the standards today for the decentralized, digital and renewable energy supply of tomorrow. More than 3,000 SMA employees in 18 countries have devoted themselves to this task. Our innovative solutions for every type of photovoltaic and battery application offer people and companies worldwide greater independence in meeting their energy needs. In collaboration with our partners and customers, we are helping people transition to a self-sufficient, decentralized and renewable energy supply.
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Booth 32 | Teledyne LeCroy and ADMESS

Teledyne LeCroy is a leading provider of oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers and related test and measurement solutions that enable companies across a wide range of industries to design and test electronic devices of all types. Since our founding in 1964, we have focused on creating products that improve productivity by helping engineers resolve design issues faster and more effectively.
For more than 20 years ADMESS has been your official Teledyne LeCroy distributor, providing competent and reliable support for electronic measuring instruments and systems.
Our main focus is on oscilloscopes and accessories, arbitrary and function generators, audio and video measurement technology, Rogowski coils and measurement accessories.
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Booth 39 | Typhoon HIL

Typhoon HIL Inc. is the market and technology leader in the rapidly-growing field of ultra-high-fidelity controller-Hardware-in-the-Loop (C-HIL) simulation for power electronics, microgrids, and distribution networks. We provide industry-proven, vertically integrated test solutions along with the highest-quality customer support. The company was founded in 2008 and since then has been creating products distinguished by the ultimate ease of use, unrivaled performance, leading-edge technology, and affordability.
Designed with love, from the ground up, Typhoon HIL tools offer a unique user experience free of third-party software and hardware complexities. As a result, Typhoon HIL Control Center, with all the libraries installs with a single click, models compile in seconds, digital inputs are sampled as low as at a 3.5 ns resolution, and real-time simulation runs with a time step as low as 200 ns on the latest generation of Typhoon HIL products.
We deeply believe that less is more when it comes to test equipment that our customers love.
We stand behind our seamlessly integrated technology stack, from Typhoon HIL’s application-specific processors and ultra-robust numerical solver all the way to the Schematic Editor, SCADA system, and TyphoonTest testing automation. The complete technology stack empowers our customers to continuously exceed their controller software quality, performance, and time-to-market goals.
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Booth 63 | Volkswagen AG

As a participant of this year’s EPE ECCE Europe, we are excited to meet new talent and finally engage in face-to-face interactions in Hanover.​

Why Volkswagen? We want to re-think and re-shape mobility: to make it electric, digital, intelligent and sustainable. To do that, we need people brimming with energy, who have an individualistic mindset and who can think outside the box. Mavericks, visionaries, revolutionaries. People with the courage to question the status quo, move beyond the familiar, and think, conceptualize and program innovation. We’re striking out in new directions following unknown paths. We’re open to bold ideas and groundbreaking visions. We’ve only just started, but we’re already gearing up for big change. Together with you.​

We welcome electrification, digitalization and IT experts with energy and a thirst for change to help shape our transformation – from carmaker to innovative and sustainable mobility service provider.

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Booth 33 | Wolfspeed

Wolfspeed leads the market in the worldwide adoption of Silicon Carbide and GaN technologies. We provide industry-leading solutions for efficient energy consumption and a sustainable future. Wolfspeed’s product families include Silicon Carbide materials, power-switching devices and RF devices targeted for various applications such as electric vehicles, fast charging, 5G, renewable energy and storage, and aerospace and defense.
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Booth 06 | YOKOGAWA

Yokogawa has been developing measurement solutions for over 100 years, consistently finding new ways to give R&D teams the tools they need to gain the best insights from their measurement strategies. As well as offering a wide ranging product lineup and an extensive range of calibration and other services, the company has pioneered accurate power measurement throughout its history, and is the market leader in digital power analyzers.
Yokogawa instruments are renowned for maintaining high levels of precision and for continuing to deliver value for far longer than the typical shelf-life of such equipment. Yokogawa believes that precise and effective measurement lies at the heart of successful innovation – and has focused its own R&D on providing the tools that researchers and engineers need to address challenges great and small.
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Booth 02 | ZES Zimmer

ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems GmbH is the sole high-tech company world-wide exclusively dedicated to high-precision power analysis. Thanks to their accuracy and reliability, the power analyzers of ZES ZIMMER’s LMG series have conquered a leading position in the market.
Through the unique combination of high-precision instruments with tailor-made software developed in-house, we are able to offer integrated EMC test solutions that convince customers both by their feature set as well as ease-of-use. Our participation in international standardization committees helps to ensure we remain at the forefront of technology.
It is our commitment to enable our customers to get fast, precise and reliable results in order to solve their measurement tasks in an efficient manner – our time-proven technology and our decade-long experience in power analysis provide all it takes.
For more information, visit

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